Best Coworking Spaces in Krabi

Welcome to Krabi, a popular destination for digital nomads and freelancers looking for the best coworking spaces. Whether you’re searching for a productive environment, convenient office spaces, or the top coworking options in Krabi, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we will explore the best coworking spaces available in Krabi, providing you with all the information you need to find your perfect workspace.

So let’s dive in and discover the top coworking spaces in Krabi!

Our Top Picks For Coworking Spaces in Krabi

Below are our top picks for coworking in Krabi:

KoHub – The Perfect Blend of Modernity and Tropical Paradise

If you’re a digital nomad looking for the perfect coworking space in Krabi, look no further than KoHub. This modern workspace is located on the beautiful Koh Lanta island, just a short ferry ride away from Krabi Town. With its high-speed internet and comfortable work environment, KoHub provides everything you need to stay productive while enjoying the tropical paradise of Krabi.

Step into KoHub and you’ll find a spacious and well-equipped coworking space. The modern amenities, including ergonomic chairs and Skype booths, ensure that you can work comfortably. The high-speed internet connection ensures that you can stay connected and get your work done efficiently. And when you need a break, just step outside and you’ll find yourself immersed in the beauty of Phra-Ae Beach, just across the street.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

At KoHub, you can truly enjoy the best of both worlds. In the midst of Krabi’s breathtaking natural beauty, work in a contemporary and professional setting. The blend of modernity and a tropical paradise makes KoHub a unique and appealing choice for digital nomads.

  • Spacious and well-equipped coworking space
  • High-speed internet for efficient work
  • Tropical paradise setting with Phra-Ae Beach nearby
  • Complimentary beverages and comfortable amenities
  • Skype booths for private calls
  • Opportunities for leisure activities during breaks

If you’re looking for a coworking space in Krabi that combines modernity, convenience, and a tropical paradise setting, KoHub is the perfect choice. Experience the beauty of Krabi while staying productive and connected at this amazing coworking space.

Address: 633, Krabi 81150, Thailand

Lekker Cafe – Affordable and Convenient Coworking in Krabi Town

If you’re a digital nomad looking for an affordable and convenient coworking space in Krabi Town, look no further than Lekker Cafe. This cafe-cum-coworking space offers a perfect blend of delicious food and a suitable work environment. With its wide range of menu options, including affordable vegetarian-friendly meals, Lekker Cafe provides a convenient space to fuel your productivity while enjoying a tasty meal.

Although not all seating options may be suitable for long hours of work, Lekker Cafe makes up for it with the availability of Wi-Fi and electrical outlets. Whether you prefer a cozy corner or a communal table, you’ll find a spot to set up your laptop and get to work. The relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff create a welcoming environment that makes Lekker Cafe a viable option for digital nomads on a budget.

If you need a break from work, you can take advantage of the cafe’s amenities, such as outdoor seating and a chill-out area. Grab a cup of coffee or a refreshing beverage, and recharge your creativity while enjoying the laid-back ambiance. Lekker Cafe is conveniently located in Krabi Town itself, making it easily accessible for both locals and travelers exploring the city.

Address: 33/5 Moo. 2 Tumbon Aonang Mueang, Krabi 81180, Thailand

Zoo Cafe and Other Laptop-Friendly Cafes in Krabi

If you’re a digital nomad looking for a cozy spot to work in Krabi, you’re in luck. The charming Zoo Cafe, located in the heart of Krabi Town, is the perfect place to set up your laptop and enjoy a cup of coffee. With its laptop-friendly atmosphere, free Wi-Fi, and availability of electrical outlets, you can work comfortably for hours on end. The cafe’s central location makes it a convenient choice for digital nomads staying in nearby hotels and hostels.

But Zoo Cafe is not the only laptop-friendly option in Krabi. Koko Nest Coffee and Sprucy Cafe are two other great choices that offer a comfortable working environment and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. These cafes provide a peaceful atmosphere and ample seating, perfect for focusing on your work. So whether you prefer the cozy ambiance of Zoo Cafe or the laid-back vibe of Koko Nest Coffee and Sprucy Cafe, you’ll find plenty of laptop-friendly cafes in Krabi.

Address: 10 ถนนอิศรา Pak Nam, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand

Other Laptop-Friendly Cafes in Krabi:

  • ABC Cafe – This cafe not only offers a laptop-friendly environment but also serves delicious food and beverages to keep you fueled throughout the day.
  • Coffee Culture – With its relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff, Coffee Culture is an excellent option for digital nomads looking for a quiet place to work.
  • The Coffee Club – Located in Ao Nang, The Coffee Club provides a comfortable space with Wi-Fi access, making it a popular choice for remote workers.

Whether you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Krabi Town or want to enjoy the beachside vibes of Ao Nang, there are plenty of laptop-friendly cafes in Krabi to suit your preferences. So grab your laptop, find a cozy corner, and get ready to be productive in one of these welcoming establishments.

Talardkao Balcony and Other Alternative Coworking Spaces in Krabi

While there may not be many dedicated coworking spaces in Krabi, there are alternative options that provide the basic amenities needed for work. Talardkao Balcony is a popular choice, offering a relaxed atmosphere and Wi-Fi connectivity. With its outdoor seating area and comfortable workstations, Talardkao Balcony provides a unique and refreshing work environment. You can enjoy the fresh air and natural surroundings while staying productive.

If you’re looking for more options, 89 Cafe, Lali’s Birdnest Cafe, and Lion&Shark are alternative coworking spaces in Krabi that cater to digital nomads. Although these places may not have all the facilities of a traditional coworking space, they offer suitable work environments with Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, and a welcoming atmosphere. These cozy cafes provide a pleasant setting for those who prefer a more laid-back work atmosphere.

When choosing an alternative coworking space in Krabi, it’s important to consider factors such as Wi-Fi reliability, seating comfort, and availability of electrical outlets. While these spaces may not have all the amenities of dedicated coworking spaces, they offer unique experiences and a chance to connect with like-minded individuals. Whether you choose Talardkao Balcony or one of the other alternative spaces, you can find a suitable place to work and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Krabi.

Krabi – A Great Destination for Digital Nomads

If you’re a digital nomad looking for an exciting and productive place to work, Krabi should be at the top of your list. This vibrant destination offers a unique blend of beach and mountain life, providing the perfect balance between work and leisure. With its affordable housing options, range of coworking spaces, and plenty of activities and attractions, Krabi has everything you need to live and work comfortably.

Working in Krabi

Working in Krabi is a breeze, thanks to the availability of coworking spaces and laptop-friendly cafes. Whether you prefer the modern amenities and high-speed internet of KoHub on Koh Lanta or the convenience of Lekker Cafe in Krabi Town, you’ll find a suitable workspace that meets your needs. With Wi-Fi connectivity and even electrical outlets available, you can stay connected and productive while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere.

Living and Working in Krabi

Living and working in Krabi offers numerous benefits. The affordable housing options in Krabi Town and beach areas like Ao Nang and Koh Lanta make it easy to find accommodation that suits your budget. When you’re not working, you can explore the stunning beaches, hike through lush mountains, or embark on island tours. Krabi also has a vibrant nightlife scene, with bars and leisure activities to help you unwind after a day of work.

With its proximity to Krabi airport, you can easily access other parts of Southeast Asia, making it a convenient base for digital nomads who love to travel. So, if you’re looking for a destination that offers a great work-life balance, Krabi is the place to be. Pack your bags, bring your laptop, and get ready to live and work in this tropical paradise.

Finding Accommodation for Digital Nomads in Krabi

When it comes to finding accommodation as a digital nomad in Krabi, you have a variety of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for affordable housing or something more upscale, Krabi offers a range of choices to suit your needs.

If you prefer to stay in Krabi Town, you’ll find cheaper options compared to the beach areas. This bustling town is well-connected to the airport and offers a convenient base for exploring other parts of Krabi and Southeast Asia. You can find guesthouses and budget-friendly accommodations that provide the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay.

If you’d rather be close to the beach, consider Ao Nang or Koh Lanta. These areas offer a mix of guesthouses, resorts, and villas to suit different budgets. Whether you’re looking for a cozy beachfront bungalow or a luxurious resort, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from.

Tips for Finding Accommodation in Krabi

  • Join local Facebook groups and engage with the expat community to get recommendations and insights on the best places to stay in Krabi.
  • Consider the location and proximity to amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, and coworking spaces.
  • Read reviews and check online booking platforms to get an idea of the quality and service provided by the accommodation.
  • Reach out to accommodation providers directly to negotiate rates, especially if you plan on staying for an extended period.

Overall, finding suitable accommodation in Krabi as a digital nomad is relatively easy. With options ranging from affordable guesthouses to upscale resorts, you can find a comfortable place to call home during your stay in this beautiful coastal destination.

Cafes and Coworking Spaces in Krabi – Where to Work

If you’re a digital nomad looking for places to work in Krabi, you’ll be happy to know that the city offers a variety of options, from dedicated coworking spaces to cozy cafes with free Wi-Fi. Whether you prefer a professional environment with all the amenities or a more laid-back atmosphere, Krabi has something for everyone.

Dedicated Coworking Spaces

For those who thrive in a dedicated coworking environment, Krabi has a few options to choose from. KoHub, located on Koh Lanta island, offers a modern workspace with high-speed internet and comfortable amenities. With its tropical paradise setting and convenient location near the beach, it’s a popular choice among digital nomads.

Cafes with a Work-Friendly Vibe

If you prefer working in a more relaxed setting, Krabi has several cafes that are laptop-friendly and offer free Wi-Fi. Zoo Cafe and Koko Nest Coffee in Krabi Town are popular choices, providing a cozy atmosphere and delicious beverages. Lekker Cafe is another option, offering affordable food and a convenient location in Krabi Town.

Working on the Go

For digital nomads who like to switch up their work environment, Krabi offers plenty of laptop-friendly places. Talardkao Balcony is a great spot for enjoying a relaxed atmosphere while staying connected. Other alternatives include 89 Cafe, Lali’s Birdnest Cafe, and Lion&Shark, which may not be traditional coworking spaces but provide suitable environments for getting work done.

Exploring Krabi – Beaches, Hiking, and Island Tours

Krabi, with its stunning natural beauty, offers a wide range of activities and attractions to explore during your downtime. Whether you’re a beach lover, a hiking enthusiast, or an adventure seeker, Krabi has something for everyone.


  • Tonsai Beach: Known for its serene atmosphere and crystal-clear waters, Tonsai Beach is a must-visit for beach lovers. Relax on the white sand, take a dip in the turquoise sea, or enjoy water sports like kayaking and snorkeling.
  • Railay Beach: Surrounded by limestone cliffs, Railay Beach is a picture-perfect paradise. This secluded beach is accessible only by boat, giving it a peaceful and tranquil vibe. Don’t miss the viewpoint hike for breathtaking views.


If you’re up for some adventure and breathtaking views, Krabi offers several hiking trails that cater to different difficulty levels. One popular trail is Tup Keak, which takes you through lush jungles, limestone formations, and ends with a stunning viewpoint overlooking the Andaman Sea.

Island Tours:

  • The Four Islands Tour: Embark on a boat tour to explore four beautiful islands – Phra Nang Cave Beach, Chicken Island, Tup Island, and Poda Island. Enjoy snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing in the crystal-clear waters.
  • The Phi Phi Islands Tour: Visit the famous Phi Phi Islands, known for their stunning beaches and vibrant marine life. Explore Maya Bay, where “The Beach” movie was filmed, and snorkel in the clear waters to discover colorful coral reefs.

Whether you choose to relax on the beaches, hike through the lush jungles, or embark on island tours, exploring Krabi will leave you with unforgettable memories and a sense of awe at the natural beauty this destination has to offer.

Nightlife and Leisure in Krabi

After a productive day of work in Krabi, it’s time to unwind and enjoy the vibrant nightlife that the city has to offer. Whether you’re in the mood for a lively bar scene or a relaxing evening by the beach, Krabi has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a fun night out, head to Ao Nang, known for its bustling bar scene. Here you’ll find a variety of bars and clubs where you can dance the night away and make new friends. Enjoy live music, DJ sets, and a wide selection of drinks as you embrace the energetic atmosphere.

Exploring the Nightlife in Krabi Town

If you prefer a more laid-back vibe, Krabi Town offers a range of options to suit your taste. Dive into the reggae bars and chill spots scattered throughout the town, where you can relax with a drink and soak in the local ambiance. These cozy establishments provide the perfect setting for intimate conversations and unwinding after a long day.

If you’re staying on Koh Lanta, make your way to Long Beach, a popular hotspot for partygoers. Here you’ll find beach bars and clubs that host regular events, including fire shows and live music performances. Indulge in a cocktail or two as you dance under the stars and experience the lively atmosphere of the island.

Leisure Activities in Krabi

During your downtime in Krabi, there’s no shortage of leisure activities to keep you entertained. Spend your days exploring the stunning beaches, such as Tonsai and Railay, where you can lounge in the sun, swim in crystal-clear waters, and even try your hand at rock climbing.

If you’re a nature enthusiast, take advantage of the hiking trails in Krabi. Tup Keak offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and coastline, providing a rewarding experience for hikers of all levels. Immerse yourself in the lush greenery and breathe in the fresh mountain air as you embark on an adventure.

For those who wish to explore beyond the mainland, island tours are a popular activity in Krabi. Hop on a boat and visit the picturesque islands nearby, where you can snorkel in turquoise waters, sunbathe on pristine beaches, and embrace the beauty of nature.

With its vibrant nightlife and an array of leisure activities, Krabi offers the perfect balance of work and play for digital nomads. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the energetic bar scene or bask in the tranquility of the beach, you’re sure to create unforgettable memories in this tropical paradise.

Other Attractions and Transportation in Krabi

When you’re not working, Krabi offers a wide range of attractions to explore. From pristine waterfalls to breathtaking national parks and sacred temples, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Emerald Pool, a natural hot spring surrounded by lush greenery, or take a hike through the stunning landscapes of Khao Phanom Bencha National Park. And if you’re interested in exploring the local culture, make sure to visit Wat Kaew Korawaram, a beautiful temple known for its intricate design and peaceful atmosphere.

For transportation within Krabi, there are several options to choose from. Renting a scooter is a popular choice among tourists, allowing you to easily navigate the city and visit different attractions at your own pace. If you prefer public transportation, there are buses and songthaews (shared taxis) available, offering affordable and convenient travel around Krabi. And if you’re in a hurry or prefer a more private option, taxis are readily available throughout the city.

Attractions in Krabi:

  • Emerald Pool
  • Khao Phanom Bencha National Park
  • Wat Kaew Korawaram

Transportation options in Krabi:

  • Scooter rental
  • Public buses and songthaews
  • Taxis

Another advantage of choosing Krabi as a digital nomad destination is its accessibility. Krabi International Airport offers both domestic and international flights, making it easy to travel to and from the city. Whether you want to explore other parts of Thailand or venture further into Southeast Asia, Krabi serves as a convenient base for your travels. So, pack your bags, discover the beauty of Krabi, and enjoy the seamless transportation options available throughout your stay.


As a digital nomad, Krabi is the perfect destination for combining work and leisure. With its stunning beaches, lush mountains, and vibrant coworking spaces, Krabi offers a unique environment for remote workers. Whether you choose to work from Krabi Town, Ao Nang, or Koh Lanta, you’ll find a range of options to suit your needs.

With its affordable accommodation options and convenient transportation, finding a base in Krabi is effortless. The city’s coworking spaces and laptop-friendly cafes provide a conducive environment for productive work, with reliable Wi-Fi and comfortable amenities.

When the workday is done, Krabi offers a wealth of leisure activities to enjoy. From exploring pristine beaches and hiking scenic trails to indulging in vibrant nightlife, there’s something for everyone. Krabi’s natural beauty and welcoming atmosphere make it an ideal destination for digital nomads seeking a balance between work and play.

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